The cornerstones of Success

Integration, technological advancements and hard work

Technological advancements are a key factor for every economy to stay competitive. Without them, every economy will start lagging behind and, in the fast-moving global economy, eventually lose traction in as little as a decade.

However, technological advancements by themselves do not guarantee success. They need to be implemented and actively used by the production floor. Additive manufacturing is a prime example of a recent technological advancement that is very mature and ready for production floors. However, in many companies, it has yet to find its place, resulting in a significant amount of unused potential being lost.

The wheel of time

During Johannes Gutenberg’s time, the inventor of the book press, it took hours to place all the letters into the press for one page. A set of skilled writers was probably still faster than Gutenberg and his book press, but technological advancement did not stop. It eventually pushed non-adjusting bookwriters out of business and benefited those who stayed at the pulse of time. The typewriter (5-7 minutes per page), dot matrix printer (8-10 seconds per page), and modern laser printers continued to transform the writing industry.

Your additive future

At edo additive solutions, we are certain that the field of additive manufacturing will follow its historic examples and continue to make advancements. Companies that implement these advancements will have an edge over their competition as it was in the past. However we also understand that keeping track of new developments is hard work, mainly because the world is moving fast and unpredictably. This might make it infeasible to you because running a business is also hard work, and as everybody knows there are only so many things some can do at a time.

Our goal is to help you, with our expertise, to never lose track of advancements and assist you in implementing these advancements into your workflow. This way, you can focus on your core business without losing traction. To start, we are launching our newsletter and knowledge page.

We will discuss new trends in additive manufacturing, the pros and cons of different technologies, applications, how to move towards a additively powered production, how to design for additive manufacturing, economic and ecological impacts of additive manufacturing, and much more.

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The next releases will cover:

  • Support-free 3D printing with SLS/MJF
  • Additive manufacturing for Robotics 
  • Metal 3D printing with Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF)
  • Weight reductions with 3D printing
  • 3D printing of Aluminum Alloys

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