About us

EDO, established in 2023 by Andreas, Andrin, and Lukas, is dedicated to enabling, designing, and optimizing Additive Manufacturing (AM). We’ve identified three key factors that often hinder Additive Manufacturing from reaching its full potential in companies.

Enable: 3D printing is a rapidly evolving technology, and its benefits and limitations are not universally understood. The AM market is dynamic, making it challenging to keep up with the latest developments. Staying updated is essential for competitiveness. We also advocate for the adaptation of corporate strategies to fully comprehend the benefits of AM.

Design: As Additive Manufacturing is relatively new, mainstream design practices haven’t fully embraced it. Designing for a subtractive process will not harness the full potential of additive manufacturing and can, at worst, lead to inefficiency and increased costs. However, with the right design approaches and ideas, 3D printing can significantly enhance cost-efficiency and performance.

Optimize: To fully harness the cost and performance benefits, advanced optimization technologies are crucial. Traditional techniques do not exploit the new possibilities offered by AM. We adapt to these changes and optimize using AM’s unique capabilities. This extends beyond individual components to encompass entire products, processes, and strategies.

Only through a well-crafted suite of solutions you achieve peak performance. We firmly believe that we are your top choice for all topics related to Additive Manufacturing. We look further into solutions, which are not even existing today. As we know Additive Manufacturing has a huge amount of potentials, which only has to be harvested.